Monster10 presents...10 Celebrities With Big Eyes!These celebrities have X-ray vision!


10 Celebrities With Big Eyes!

10 Celebrities With Big Eyes!


10 Celebrities With Big Eyes!


10. Kristin Kreuk – This beauty looks like a sexy alien hybrid!


9. Aishwarya Rai – A beautiful actress with huge green eyes!


8. Bette Davis  - This old time beauty has some big old eyes!


7. Winona Ryder – A master thief needs to be able to see!


6. Nicole Richie – Another Alien princess!


5. Tracee Ellis Ross – Diana Ross’s daughter has eyes that look like they are bulging out of her head!


4. Christina Ricci – She looks like a cartoon with those big eyes!


3. Anne Hathaway – Anne’s eyes are gorgeous! They take up most of her face!


2. Olga Kurylenko – Exotic beauty and eyes to match!

And the # 1 celebrity with big eyes is...
growl please…

1. Mila Kunis – Mila’s big eyes are beautiful. Mila take me to your leader! Beam me up!




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