Monster10 presents...10 Crazy WebsitesThe Web Is Filled With Things That Are Crazy.


10 Crazy Websites

10 Crazy Websites


10 Crazy Websites

10.  Hats of Meat

A society devoted to remembering the past, cherishing the present and celebrating the future meat hats and global meat hat culture.


9. Crying, While Eatting.

An eclectic collection of short movies based on the theme, "What are you eating? Why are you crying?"


8. The Hamster Dance

Tons of hamsters dancing to the robin hood theme!


7. Museum of Toilets

Ever wondered what a museum dedicated entirely to the history of toilets would be like?


6. Nooooooooooooooo

Press that blue button in dire situations!


5. Jesus Dress Up

Dress up Jesus by dragging the items to him with your mouse.


4. Awkward Family Photos

Strange, humorous and disturbing family portraits.


3. The Flat Earth Society

The mission of the Flat Earth Society is to promote and initiate discussion of Flat Earth theory as well as archive Flat Earth literature.


2. Afterlife Telegrams

A Telegram service sending afterlife telegrams to the dead!


And the number 1 crazy website is…

Monster growl please…


1. How  To Open A Coconut

This site details the most common method of opening up a coconut along with pictures of the process!



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