Monster10 presents...10 Riddles!10 Fun Riddles!


10 Riddles!

10 Riddles!


10 Riddles!

Monsters Love Riddles!

10) What is the highest building in New York?

The public library has the most stories!


9) What part of the fish weighs the most?

The scales!


8) What did the blind man say to the policeman when the policeman said he would arrest him?

I’d just like to see you do it!


7) What geometrical figure represents a lost parrot?

A polygon (Get it poly-gone!)


6) What Is the most difficult key to turn?

I donkey!


5) What word is pronounced wrong, even by the best of scholars?

Wrong, of course!


4) What is the largest room in the world?

Room for improvement!


3) What room can no one enter?

A mushroom!


2) What pets make great music?



1) What is the end of everything?

The letter G!





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