Monster10 presents...10 Things That Cause Bad Luck!Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...


10 Things That Cause Bad Luck!

10 Things That Cause Bad Luck!

10 Things That Cause Bad Luck!

A Monster10 Special Report!


10 – A Bat flying into your home. These blood sucking creatures of the night should not be in your home!



 9 - Shoes on a table. Have some manners and you’ll avoid this one!



8 - Playing loud music at a cemetery. Unless you want to star in your own horror movie, keep the music out of the graveyard. Some off this music can wake the dead. Let our loved ones rest in peace and show some respect!



7 - Walling under a ladder. It’s dangerous and you could cause an accident! Just walk around.



6 - Breaking a mirror. Some say that mirrors are a portal to another word. Breaking a mirror is a well know precursor to bad luck. Even if the mirror doesn’t cause the bad luck, the broken glass shards can cause misery.



5 - Stepping on a crack. We’ve all heard this one. Step on a crack, you’ll break your mother’s back. Just watch where you’re going! Back pain injuries are the worst!


4 – Killing a cricket. Kill a cricket and a loved one will die. Enjoy the chirps of the crickets at night and let stray ones out the house.


3 – Opening an umbrella in indoors. It doesn’t rain indoors, so keep close your umbrella before you come in!


2 - Black cat. You see a black cat, walk the other way!


And the number 1 thing that causes bad luck is…


Monster growl please…

1 – Karma. Do something bad and believe me it will come back to you!



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