Monster10 presents... 10 Diseases That Kill Caused By Sitting 8 Hours A Day At Work!


10 Diseases That Kill Caused By Sitting 8 Hours A Day At Work!



10 Diseases That Kill Caused By Sitting 8 Hours A Day At Work!

Monster 10 Special Report! 

Can your job be killing you!  We know that statement sounds crazy, but recent studies have shown that there has been statistical proof that sitting down for 8 hours a day can cause a number of fatal diseases.  What is most striking by the study is that working out and eating right does not combat the effect.  These diseases will shock you as it did us. 


If you sit down at 8 hours a day at work you will definitely want to know the diseases that are associated with it.  One simple solution is just to stand up and walk around often!  If you sat down for an hour at work get up it can save your life.




10- Toxic Build Up of Arteries!

 “Toxic build up in the arties is a direct cause for sitting 8 hours and this leads to a stroke which could cause death.” ..…………..!




 9- Obesity!

This one seems obvious but it really isn’t. Even if you don’t over eat sitting 8 hours days will lead to you gaining weight and becoming obese.  Obesity is direct link to a heart attack which is deadly..…………..!




8- Cardiovascular Disease!

Your blood is not getting circulated correctly when sitting down for long stems of time.  In fact you can actually clog your arteries by sitting for too long making you a prime target for cardiovascular disease which can be fatal.”....…………..!




7- Heart Attack!

There has been recent studies showing how a heart attack is eminent if you sit down for 8 hours due to the previous three causes”..…………..!




6- Cholesterol and Increased Blood Sugar Levels!

 “Both cholesterol and increased blood sugar levels are a direct by product of the lack of movement caused by sitting.  By sitting for more than 2 hours without moving in time could increase both your cholesterol and blood sugar levels which aid in heart disease and strokes...…………..!




5- Type 2 Diabetes!

 “Type 2 diabetes is the new cancer and is debilitating. By sitting 8 hours you put yourself in jeopardy of catching this disease .”..…………..!




4- Uterine Cancer!

 “Studies Show that uterine cancer increases by 66% by sitting down 8 hours a day”...…………..!





3- Colon Cancer !

  “ Your chances of colon cancer increases by 30% by sitting down 8 hours a day.…………..!




2- Lung Cancer!

Your chances for lung cancer increases by 54% according to studies by sitting 8 hours a day..…………..!


And The Number 1 Disease Caused By Sitting 8 Hours A Day Is  …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Same As A Lifetime Smoker!

“DING DING DING!!! “The most shocking result that has been recorded is that individuals who sit 8 hours a day on a job has the same affects of someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes each day for the duration of their life.  ..…………..!





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