Monster10 presents...10 Facts About Super Marios Brothers Every Die Hard Fan Should Know!


10 Facts About Super Marios Brothers Every Die Hard Fan Should Know!


10 Facts About Super Mario’s Brothers Every Die Hard Fan Should Know!

Monster 10 Special Report! 


The Mario Brothers are iconic!  Who would have thought, that a game based on two plumbers would take the world by storm but they have.  In this report we give 10 facts every die hard Mario Brothers fan should know.





10- Mario Brothers Was Born in the 80’s!

 “In 1983 Mario Brothers was spawn and became a phenomenon” ..…………..!



 9- Mario Brothers Was Released With The Nintendo System!

It is ironic but the Mario Brothers came as an extension to push the new console which back then was called Nintendo.  The could have not dreamed it would take off in such a way..…………..!




8- Spin Off Of Donkey Kong!

The Donkey Kong game was huge and the Mario Brothers games was just supposed to be a spin off.  But wow did a spin off take fruit and fly.”....…………..!




7- Many Games Tried To Duplicate!

The Mario Brothers game was revolutionary, ground breaking and before its time.  The 4 side scaling platform was unheard of and so innovative and unique there were many companies that failed trying to duplicate it.  There were very few that succeeded in copying it”..…………..!




6- The Blockbuster Game Super Mario Brothers 3!

In 1990 something of epic proportion was done!  The phenomenon known as Super Brothers Mario 3 was released.  It is legendary for the first time Mario could transform into ground breaking suits that took on powers.  The leaf gave Mario a raccoon kind of suit.  Mario and Luigi could swim with the frog suit.  This game was and is incredible...…………..!




5- 1991 Super Nintendo System New Mario Brothers!

  “In 1991 was the launch of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and with it came Mario World.  The Mario Brothers had a world and Super Mario World has sold over 20 million copies .”..…………..!




4- Mario Brothers Goes 3 D!

  “Mario went 3d with Super Mario Brothers 64 for new console Nintendo 64.  Super Mario Brothers 64 helped sell millions of the console Nintendo 64”...…………..!



3- Super Mario 64 !

 “ Super Mario 64 was epic and with epic sales to match.  It was the best selling game of the Nintendo 64 console with 11 million copies purchased by consumers.…………..!



2- Whether Mario or Super Mario The Results Remain Stupendous!

The Nintendo Brand has taken on different forms of Consoles from NES,SNES,NINTENDO 64, WII,WIIUetc.  However what makes the brand great and at the forefront is the Mario Brothers.  Mario and Luigi are the cornerstone of the brand..…………..!


And The Number 1 Fact Every Die Hard Mario Brothers Fan Should Know Is  …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1- As Of 2009 and the Years Before Then Mario Has Done The Unimaginable!
“DING DING DING!!! “Super Mario Brothers as of 2009 is the 2nd best selling game ever.  Who could of imagined that 2 brothers dressed as plumbers would be # 2 in all the games ever sold.  Wowwww.  ..…………!





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