Monster10 presents...10 Filthy Rich Kids Who Are Spoiled Brats!


10 Filthy Rich Kids Who Are Spoiled Brats!


10 Filthy Rich Kids Who Are Spoiled Brats!

A Monster10 Special Report!


10Sari Cruise.

“It’s always the kids who don’t need any more get it.  Did she really need a new raincoat that is priced close to 2,000.00 dollars?!”


9Emme Anthony.

“Channel is for adults. Do you really need a kid under 10 with over 5,000 dollars worth of Channel clothing?!”


      8Blue Ivy Carter.

“Jay Z and Beyonce did you really have to buy a baby under 1 years old 5,000 dollars worth of Bath Toys.?!”



7Paris Hilton.

 “Need I say more?  What does she really do besides being beautiful.?!”


      6 Justin Combs.

“Diddy Realy you bought your teenage son a Maybach?  What does he need a quarter of million dollar car for.?!”



5Tamara and Petra Ecclestone.

“These 2 sisters spent over 80 million dollars of real estate just for them to have..!”



4Valentima Palem Pimault.

“Another rich kid who gets spoiled ridiculously for just being born..!”



3Liesel Pritzker.

“A Hyatt heiress who just spent 8 million in real estate but at least she worked as a child movie star early in her life.  With credentials like that does she really need it  ..!”




2Haji Abdul Azim, Prince of Brunei.

“A prince really need I say more ..!”




And the number 1 Rich Kid Who Is A Spoiled Brat Is…


Monster growl please…



1 – Sheik Hamdan Bin Mohammed Din Rashi Al Maktaum.

“I can’t even pronounce his name.  But he is a Sheik with access to great wealth just for being born  ..!”




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