Monster10 presents...10 Reasons You Wake Up Wrong And Always Tired!


10 Reasons You Wake Up Wrong And Always Tired!


10 Reasons You Wake Up Wrong And Always Tired!


10- You Don’t Sleep Well!

  “Well duh this seems obvious!  Before you dismiss this reason think about this: Do you get restful sleep or are you constantly turning?  The condition of your sleep will determine how well your day goes as well as the sleep the following night.  Check your mattress, pillows even your covers to find out what is stopping you from getting restful slumber.” ..…………..!




 9- You Don’t Sleep Long Enough!

Okay now you’re wasting my time!  Ok before you stop reading did you know even if you got 8 hours of sleep that may not be enough?  Ah that peaked your attention right?  Well depending on how much effort or work you did in the 2 nights before that or if you have had consistently late nights 8 hours of sleep may not cut it..”  In days we you have minimum sleep you will need 9-10 hours a day to recover and get things back on track..…………..!




8- You Snore!

Snoring does not contribute to good sleep.  In fact studies show that if you snore at night you are more than likely to wait up feeling groggy. If this persists more than one night you could see a trend of being tired all the time.”....…………..!




7- You Do Not Seek Help!

If you suffer from sleep apnea or any other sleeping disorder and not seeking help you are basically shooting yourself in the foot.  Sleep Apnea could cause you’re your waking days unbearable with spouts of irritability, lack of energy and being consistently tired.  This does not even mention the health danger associated with not breathing for periods of time”..…………..!




6- You Don’t Wind Down The Night Before!

Winding down before you go to sleep is pivotal in you waking up refreshed in the morning.  If you don’t wind down you will feel sluggard and tired the next day.  Even if you just watch that will do to get your body in the state of relax making you rest well..…………..!




5- You Use The Snooze Button!

 “Your snooze button is your enemy and destroys any chance for you feeling refreshed and awake during the day.  In fact by performing this action on a routine basis has a profound effect on how tired you feel every day.  So once the alarm goes off don’t hit the snooze its best you just get up.”..…………..!




4- You Eat And Go Right To Bed!

 “A definite way to ensure extreme drowsiness each day is to eat something and go straight to bed.  Your body needs time to digest the food.  Having food on your stomach without letting digestion or winding down to take its natural course could leave for a drowsy day”...…………..!




3- You Skip Breakfast!

  “Breakfast is important for a host of reasons.  It regulates sugar levels, it gives you energy and most importantly it keeps you from feeling exhausted during the day.  If you are thinking of skipping breakfast than prepared to feel tired on a continuous basis”..…………..!





2- Getting Ready In The Dark!

You should never get dress for the day in the dark. The lack of light informs your brain to interpret sleep and will leave you restless and tired all day. By getting dress in the dark your mind actually feels like it’s time to return to bed ..…………..!


And The Number 1 Reason You Wake Up Wrong And Always Tired Is…………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Your Motto Is Coffee First!

“DING DING DING!!! “Your body when waking up needs up to an hour to adjust itself and get acclimated for the day.  If you drink coffee first before anything it actually disrupts the process giving your body a spike that will fall dramatically in a hour or two.   The end result is your tired all day and ruins your natural waking up process.  You could have a cup of Joe but give your body some time to adjust.  You should preferably wait to you get to work, and have something to eat before taking your first sip of coffee  ..…………..!





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