Monster10 presents... 10 Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend And Getting A Girlfriend!


10 Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend And Getting A Girlfriend!


 10 Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend And Getting A Girlfriend!


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Do you want to know how to get a girlfriend?  Then this post is for you!  Getting a girlfriend takes work and these 10 tips will give you the winning formula on getting a girlfriend today!  



10- Read The Book How To Win Friends And Influence People!

  “Getting a Girlfriend begins with learning how to influence and relate and there is no better book on showing you how to do this then How to win friends and influence people.  If you want to know how to get a girlfriend this book is crucial to the process.  .” ..…………..!




 9- Don’t Listen To The Advice Of Just Be Yourself!

The truth is this is the worst advice especially if you have some behavior issues or awkward.  Getting a girlfriend begins by being confident and relatable.  If you do not possess these qualities naturally than being yourself is the worst advice to ever take...…………..!




8- Take A Sales Course!

The key to getting a girlfriend is learning how to sell.  You sell your self at your job in why they should hire you.  Learning how to sell is pivotal if you want to know how to get a girlfriend.  You have to be able to sell a women on why they should want to be with you.”....…………..!




7- Update Your Wardrobe And Become Well Groomed!

A key to getting a girlfriend begins with your appearance.  Women are attractive to individuals who are fashion conscious and well groomed. Unless you are naturally good looking you can spend less time an effort on being well dressed and well groomed.  However for many men this is not the case so keep yourself up and get an updated fashion line to go in your closet”..…………..!




6- Get Into Shape!

 “Being physically fit raises your energy, confidence, and testosterone levels which will naturally make you more appealing to women.  If you want to know how to get a girlfriend being physically fit is a vital component...…………..!




5- Say Hello And Smile To 5 Women Daily!

 “Getting a girlfriend begins with being approachable and likeable.  One of the best ways to get yourself in the habit of appealing to women is by being polite and smiling.  There is no better way to do this and get you out of your shell than saying hello and smiling to 5 women daily preferably attractive women.  Make this a daily ritual and you will notice some women will respond to you”..…………..!



4- Have 3 Women Friends!

 “If you want to know how to get a girlfriend the best place to start is by having women as friends.  Women can tell you about other women and the things women like.  One female friend is not sufficient you only get one point of view.  The key to getting the best advice to getting a girlfriend begins with multiple opinions.  Three women friends are just enough to get a complete picture and variety of how women think. It gives you some keen insight on how to get a girlfriend and keep one.”...…………..!




3- Genuinely Complement 4 Women Daily!

 “ All women love to be complimented and if you want a straight shot to getting a girlfriend begin with compliments.  They need to be genuine and you need to get in to practice doing it.  To do this find 6 different women you can complement daily this is easy if you work in an office but may have to be scaled down if you don’t.  The object here is to get in the mode of being likeable to women and that begins with complements.  Compliments is a critical component to getting a girlfriend. .…………..!




2- Get Some Highly Recommended Dating Publications!

A great source to get the insight on how to get a girlfriend is getting educated and that starts with taking a course or purchasing a publication on dating and how to get a girlfriend.  There is a number of good courses on the market do your research and pick up the two highly recommended courses...…………..!


And The Number 1 Tip On How To Get A Girlfriend And Getting A Girlfriend Is  …………..


Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-60 Day Affirmations!

 “DING DING DING!!! “The power is in the spoken word.  There is no surer way to attract what you want than speaking it.  For 60 days speak with as much enthusiasm at minimum 2 times a day outloud I am attractive and appealing and getting a girlfriend is no problem for me.  If you believe it and speak it will manifest..  ..…………..!






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