Monster10 presents... 10 Ways On How To Attract Women!


10 Ways On How To Attract Women!


      10 Ways On How To Attract  Women!

 Monster 10 Report! 


Do you want to know how to attract women?  This monster 10 post is for you.  In this monster 10 report we give you the top 10 ways on how to attract women and get a girlfriend today!  .




10- Become Friendly!

Women attracted to men who are friendly!  If you’re looking to find a sure fire way on how to attract women then develop a friendly personality.  You will get women to pay more attention to you if you don’t come off as stand offish, or lame if you are friendly..  .” ..…………..!




 9- Be Polite And Courteous!

It is amazing how many men forget this simple principal.  Women even the ones who like the bad boy image eventually want and attracted to men who are polite and courteous.  If you are looking for a key way on how to attract women you will not go wrong by being polite and courteous when dealing with people in particularly women....…………..!




8- Put Cologne on Daily and Have It As An Expense In Your Monthly Budget!

If you smell good you will attract women.  If you’re looking for women to notice you and how to attract women to you then you need to have cologne as a necessary expense in your budget.  Wear cologne daily and best believe you will not have to wonder how to attract women because they will already be talking to you.”....…………..!




7- Get In Great Shape And Show Mystery!

A man who is in shape is a man who knows how to attract women.  Get in the best shape you can possibly can and add one twist a little mystery.  Women are similar to men initially when it comes to visualization.  The main difference is women have a higher tendency for people to notice them.  You could use this as an advantage by being in great shape and not expecting attention.  Say hello and be polite but never really reflect that you take good care of your body or that you are paying them any particular interest but being courteous.  This mystery and being in great shape will be a sure fire way for women to notice you.  How to attract women will be a question of the past”..…………..!




6- Show Interest And Be Kind To Children!

 “Women are attracted to men who like children.  A little known secret is women pay particular attention on how you treat or react to children when picking a mate.  If you are looking for ways on how to attract women, than start a healthy fondness for children.  ...…………..!




5- Ask Thoughtful Questions!

  “Women are attracted to men who think and ask questions.  If your looking for an answer on how to attract women then begin with thought full questions.  This is relatively simple if you work in an office environment.  There is typically a great deal of women there ask insightful questions and pay attention to what they say.  It gives women the impression you actually are open to being told something and that is an attractive quality women look for in men. ”..…………..!



4- Listen More And Speak Less!

Listening is a powerful skill many people don’t utilize.  If you are searching on how to attract women than this must be a skill you must master.  As you listen you will get key insight to how women think and it also appears that you are more intelligent.  .”...…………..!




3- Say Hello And Smile!

 “ The basics are always overlooked and often taken for granted.  If you want to know how to attract women, than begin with a hello and a smile.  This shows you are approachable even if one female doesn’t smile or speak back don’t get discouraged.   If you do this simple act to enough women you are bound to get some women attracted to you. . .…………..!




2- Compliment Often And Genuinely!

Women love compliments especially if they are genuine and show that you are paying attention.  If you are looking for a serious way on how to attract women begin with a compliment.  Go up to several attractive women and inform them how they look or something you notice they have changed that looks favorable.  It’s best to attempt this at work or a closed in setting.  This should not be performed at a night club or other social event were you won’t get the desired reply or intent you attended....…………..!


And The Number 1 Way On How To Attract Wome Is  …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Dress Well And Be Well Groomed!

 “DING DING DING!!! “Nothing is more attractive to women than being well groomed and a guy who takes pride in his appearance.  No matter what bad boy image is seen out there you will always win if you dress well and are well groomed.  So if you’re looking for a way to attract women this is one of your number 1 shots on accomplishing the goal  ..…………..!





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