Monster10 presents...10 Ways to Fall Asleep at Your Job and Not Get Caught!You will never be tired at work again!


10 Ways to Fall Asleep at Your Job and Not Get Caught!


Ten ways to fall asleep at your job and not get caught!


A Monster 10 Special Report!


10 – The Tight Chair Method.


“In this tactic you will sit in your chair and pull it as close as humanly possible to your desk make sure your on an angle so no one can see your face and tilt your head slightly.  Any person coming by should only see the back of your head.  Sit up straight and place your head back to the head rest and place your hands on your mouse……… Close your eyes and Wallaa get yourself a well deserved nap.  Be sure not to snore for this will blow your cover!!!!”.



9 – The Monitor Close End Method.


“Along the lines of the close chair method you will need to pull your chair close to the desk as possible.  Place your face to the monitor and just close your eyes for a few quick zzzzzz’s.. Your boss will think you are really trying to analyze that report and you pulled in close for some real concentration.!!!!”.


8 – Cover Me At The Post Method.

“This method requires a co-worker so be careful in who you choose.  You simply ask your co-worker to cover you as you go out to your car or break room for some quick shut eye...!!!!”.


7 – The Upset Stomach Method.

“Here you tell your boss and co-worker that your stomach is bothering you and you will need to probably have to visit the rest room often.  Find yourself a comfortable stall and have yourself a nice nap.  No one will question you since you already informed them you are having stomach troubles.  Another advantage you can avoid having to taking a day off when you are really just tired...!!!!”.


6 – The I’ll Do It Technique.

“This one is simple volunteer for any task given that will require you to have to go to another floor or leave the building.   You can take a quick nap and also show that you are a go getter employee...!!!!”.  



5 – The Dropped Pen Method.

“Place your head on your keyboard opposite the direction of plain view.  Place your pen where it is visible enough to see for anyone coming by… Have one of your arm and hands dangle down giving the image your reaching for the pen.  Have your self a merry little nap..!!!!”.




 4– The Loose Wire Fix.

“In this method you turn off the monitor of your keyboard.  Lay down on the floor underneath your desk diagonally so that your legs are out and your head is near your pc tower and power outlet… Be sure not to drool on the power cable and get yourself some shut eye.  Everyone walking by your desk would believe your trying to fix the wire on your computer since your monitor is out..!!!!”.



3– The One Handed Forehead Frustration.

“In this method you place your hand across your eyebrow and forehead.  Make sure your chair is tight to your desk and you are on an angle where your arm can be propped up by a clear section of your desk… Everyone will think you are hard at work reading a report or trying to figure out a complicated assignment.  No one will know you are fast asleep..!!!!”.




2– The Great Thinker.

“In this method you position yourself chair and body on an angle so the only thing visible is a side view of your body.  Next position your hand to your face as if your thinking about something… Night Night get the rest you most certainly deserve..!!!!”.



And the number 1 way to fall asleep at your job and not get caught is …

Monster growl please…


1 – The Double Handed Brow Thinker.

“DING, DING, DING!!!!  ……… This technique is number one for a reason.    You block off all visualization to your face since your eyes are being blocked by having your hands placed on opposite sides.  You appear as your really thinking of a solution since your hands are over your eyebrow formed in a blocking the suns pose.  Just make sure the space in front of your keyboard is clear I would not suggest creating this position on any reports or books you may get too comfortable in your sleep and have your hands fall ripping the book or damaging the company report.……!!!!!!”





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