Monster10 presents...10 Ways Your Relationship Can Destroy Your Health!Your Relationship May Be Killing You!


10 Ways Your Relationship Can Destroy Your Health!

Your Relationship May Be Killing You!

10 Ways Your Relationship Can Destroy Your Health!
A Monster 10 Special Report!
Your relationship may be killing you!
10- Your Partner Snores.
       “Snoring in a relationship is more than just annoying it can have a tremendous impact on your health.  Not getting enough sleep can lead to being irritable and drowsy also you are more acceptable to the cold and flu..”……..!
 9- Heart Attack.
       “While marriage can keep you from getting a heart attack it can also created one if you are in a bad relationship. If your marriage is toxic you may be more acceptable to a heart attack. ”.……..!
8- Blood Pressure.
       “Stressful relationships and marriages can spike your blood pressure. If you are prone to having high blood pressure or if it runs in your family you should watch out. Love can be great or it can be deadly if you are in a bad one.  ...”……..!
7- Stress and More Stress.
       “If you are in a toxic marriage or relationship the stress level can be high. High stress can cause heart attacks, depression and the like. You may need to look at changing your relationship or get counseling if too much stress is in your relationship..”……..!
6- Anxiety.
       “A bad relationship can cause a full blown anxiety attack. Wondering if you are going to get in an argument? Wondering if you can work it out? This after while can have serious effects both physically and mentally..”……..!
5- Alcohol Use Goes Up.
       “When you are in a relationship and you are a casual drinker and your significant other is more of an everyday drinker you tend to mimic the other persons habits. This happens because you spend so much time with the individual. Normally this is not a problem but a drastic increase in your alcohol consumption can cause serious health issues including addiction. ..” .……..!
4- Heartache.
       “Love Hurts! Even though it is not supposed to being in a relationship is stressful at times. Early midway even long term things can get rocky and if you are just not Seeing Eye to you’re your heart becomes a poster case for painful darts to be shot into it. Heartache makes you sick, depressed and just plain miserable. ...”……..!
3- Depression.
       “Depression is a huge problem in toxic relationships if not checked you can become suicidal. Depression is not something that should be taken lightly. You’re your depressed in a relationship it could lead to over eating with drawing, not eating, pain physically and on and on....”……..!
2- Lost Intimacy.
       “Sex is a necessary component for the human body. If you are not getting any this could spiral into a host of issues including irritableness, frustration, anger, being withdrawn and the like. Lost of intimacy can have huge health issues...……..!
And The Number 1 Way Your Relationship Can Destroy Your Health Is………..
Monster Growl Please…………..
1- Weight Gain.
       Ding, Ding, Ding, Its stated on average most couples gain 20-25 pounds once in a relationship. This is a huge concern with diabetes and rapid obesity in America this is huge. Being overweight leads to a host of other problems including heart attacks and blood pressure issues. So to combat this exercise together.……..!



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