Monster10 presents...The 10 Coolest Super Mario Bros. Characters!The Stars Of Super Mario Bros!


The 10 Coolest Super Mario Bros. Characters!

The 10 Coolest Super Mario Bros. Characters

The 10 Coolest Super Mario Bros. Characters!

10 - Cheep-Cheep (The flying fishes level 2-1) – All I can say is run Mario! These guys would catch you every time.



9 - Priness Daisy- Toadstool’s cute friend. While Princess Peach/Toadstool was a blond hotie, Daisy was more of a tomboyish girl next door type. She quickly had the fans boys drooling for her. Be sure to check her in Mario Tennis!



8 - Yohsi – Yoshi is awesome and the coolest dinosaur in a video game!




7 - Lakitu – Flying up above the Mushroom Kingdom was Lakitu, the Green Barron! Him and his spiny eggs were hard to avoid.



6-Luigi – Luigi is the brother we wish we all had. He’s taller than Mario and can jump higher too. He even saves his brother Mario in Luigi’s Mansion on the Super Nintendo.



5- Kuribo's Shoe – Goomba’s are the foot soilders of Bowser. Mario stomps them out with ease. Add the shoe and Goombas become almost as awesome as a fire flower.



4-Birdo- Who couldn’t love a bird that spits eggs out of its nose!



3- Mouser – This mouse was an eye patch wearing thug and mercenary for King Wart. He tossed bombs around dreamland like he was working for Al-Qaeda!


2-Super Hammer Bros – Dodging those hammers were a chore. These brothers rival Mario and Luigi!

And the number 1 Super Mario Bros character of all time is…

Monster growl please…


1-Toad – The message he gave Mario would haunt him and gamers alike for years to come… “Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle.”



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