Monster10 presents...The 10 Dirtiest Cities In America!


The 10 Dirtiest Cities In America!

The 10 Dirtiest Cities In America!


The 10 Dirtiest Cities In America!
A Monster10 Special Report!

Filth is filth and some places are just dirty and nasty! These places could make you grow an extra eye. Take out your brooms and behold, Monster 10 presents the 10 dirtiest cities in America!


10. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Who wants to live in area with PCBs and heavy waters polluting the groundwater?

9. Stockton, California. Practically bankrupt they simply don’t have the budget to action environmental problems.

8. San Jose, California. Silicon valley isn’t the dirtiest but the years of solvents and toxins has had its price on the region!

7. New Haven, Connecticut. Yale student need to put their heads together to clean this place up!

6. Riverside, California. Ozone and corrupted water supplies plague riverside.

5. Modesto, California. This place is smog central!

4. Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bridgeport shows that money can’t solve all problems. The state might be one of the richest, but is also one of the dirtiest. They have been cleaning up the waste products for the last 200 years!

3.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Toxic waste has destroyed this place, 18.5 lbs. a year to be exact!

2. Bakersfield, California. The oil capital of California is filthy to say the least. Nasty emissions from the oil and gas don’t help!


And the dirtiest city in America is…

Monster growl please…

1. Fresno, California. Polluted water and air that could make you choke, make Fresno California number 1 on this list!




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