Monster10 presents...The 10 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!


The 10 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!

The 10 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!


The 10 Greatest Cartoon Characters Of All Time!
A Monster10 Special Report!

10. Popeye The Sailor – Popeye had us all eating spinach!



9. Fred Flintstone –Fred Flintstone set the path for Homer, Peter Griffin, and more!




8. Woody Woodpecker – This lunatic bird was a blast to watch. His signature laugh "Ha-ha-ha-HAA-ha!” was loud obnoxious and made us all laugh!



7. Tom and Jerry – The cat and mouse chases of Tom and Jerry are classic!


6. Papa Smurf – Papa Smurf was wise leader of the Smurf village.



5. Porky Pig – “Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-... That's all, folks!”



4. Mighty Mouse – The mouse version of Super-Man! “Here I come to save the day……”



3. Bart Simpson – “Eat my shorts!” Bart’s mischief and cartoon antics made us love the Simpsons.


2. Bugs Bunny – “What’s up Doc?” is the must memorable cartoon quote ever!


And the greatest  cartoon character of all time is…


Monster growl please…


1. Mickey Mouse – Adored by millions. The mouse is number 1. Mickey mouse is said to be the most recognizable cartoon character in the world!



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