Monster10 presents...The 10 Worst Cartoon Characters Ever!These guys are the worst! Walt Disney must be turning in his grave!


The 10 Worst Cartoon Characters Ever!

The 10 Worst Cartoon Characters Ever!


The 10 Worst Cartoon Characters Ever!

We all love cartoons. Some us might remember racing home after school, or waking up on Saturday morning to see the adventures of our favorite cartoon characters.  Looking back now…you might cringe at some of the characters we once loved. This list is the worst of the worst. Monster 10 presents…The 10 worst characters of all time! Your childhood will never be the same!

10. Orko - I have to admit I brought the toy…but that doesn’t make it right. Orko was a floating blue elf that had a face that cracked mirrors and also couldn’t cast a spell to save his life. I loved this guy, but he was corny as all hell. Maybe we would get a chuckle out of him annoying Man-At-Arms, but orko was one of the worst. He did sing a cool song with his girlfriend once though!

9. Gazoo - What was Gazoo? An alien, leprechaun, a figment of Fred’s imagination? The flintstones was already a great Honeymooner parody…there was no need to go there with this toon!

8. Baby Smurf - Nothing was more shameful than the inclusion of baby Smurf! As if the Smuflings weren’t bad enough they just had to add that blue baby. At least Grouchy Smurf said it “I hate Baby Smurf.”


7. Grandpa Smurf -  It looks like another blue guy has hit the list. Grandpa Smurf! After disappearing for 500 years Grandpa returns to Smurf village. No we didn’t need two old smurfs! Papa Smurf was the original, and has no equal!


6. Lisa Simpson - This creation of Matt Groening has no spunk at all. Lisa is a boring no-it-all, who plays a sax. What little girl plays a sax? The one you say away from! This orange tween needs to get the boot. Maybe Homer could send her to boarding school or she could die from lead poisoning.


5. Nanny Smurf – Three strikes and your out! What! Another Smurf?!? This is what happens when you start whoring out a cartoon series. Nanny Smurf! This old Grandma’s only reason for being there was to show love to Grandpa…come on…is this all you could come up with! Who wants to see an old wrinkled up Smurf? What’s next….?

4. Uni – Dungeons and Dragons was the ultimate geek role playing game. The cartoon was like a strange combination of nerdiness with strange. The story follows the adventures of a bnch of kids who take a ride on a roller coaster that transports them to a world of fantasy. As if Dungeon Master with his riddles wasn’t enough…they just had to throw in some werid baby unicorn that kept yelping!!! Frank Welker did Uni’s voice and Megatron from Transformers! WTF!!!!!


3. Snarf - Thunder Cats was awesome…but Snarf was the jar-jar binks of Thundara. Snarf was the animal sidekick to Lion-O. I’m doing even know what he was supposed to be. Was he just a talking cat?? His comic relief was lame and he was soooooo damn annoying. Him speaking with “snarfanisisms” was horrible. Watching Snarf today makes me cringe!!!!!!

2. Scrappy Doo! Scrappy Doo has to be the worst animated character to be introduced to a cartoon! I remember as a kid watching the Scooby Doo intro and praying that it would be Scooby Dumb and not a Scrappy episode!!! Although adding Scrappy did add a boost in ratings, there is no denying the fact that this little feisty pup killed the show.


And the worst cartoon character ever is…

Monster growl please…


1. Rubik. “My name is RUUUBBIIKKKKKK!” Saturday mornings hit an all time low with this one! Some marketing geniuses (sarcastically speaking) deciding to take the Rubik’s Cube the most popular puzzle toy at the time, into a Saturday morning cartoon “Rubik the Amazing Cube”. I can’t remember their names, but Rubik’s friends, some Latino kids, would solve the puzzle and Rubik would come alive! Yes, he would grow a funny elfin head and use magic powers to save the day. The problem…his owner would drop the cube and mess up the puzzle at the worse times. The only good thing was the catchy theme song by Menudo. Btw…We at Monster10 also think Rubik might have been gay….




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