Monster10 presents...The Top 10 Aliens of all Time!These aliens are famous!


The Top 10 Aliens of all Time!

The top ten aliens of all time!

The Top 10 aliens of all Time
A Monster10 Report!

10 – Alf
Alf was a furry and short critter, with a hell of a snout. On TV he hailed from a planet that loves to eat cats.


9 – Mork from Mork and Mindy
Mork, played by Robin Williams, was a friendly earth bound alien that aged in reverse. Interesting and creative concept, indeed!


8 – The Predator
Predator was another monstrous alien with a unique design. Strangely enough, he was a humanoid with a fish face!


7 – Klaatu and Gort from the Day Earth Stood Still
The alien emissary and his alien protector from the si-fi classic.


6 – The Pod Aliens, Invasion of the Body Snatchers
These invading pods replace their human counter parts with exact duplicates void of emotion while they sleep. An interesting take on alien invasion indeed.


5 – Alien Xenomorph
Nothing was more shocking than the chest bursting creature from the fighting sci-fi thriller Alien. This insectiod alien grew to over 7 feet tall, bleed acid and was a vicious killer.


4 – Spok
Spok was another human looking ET. The only distinction that gave him away was his obscene use of logic and pointed ears. He can’t be human!


3 – Yoda from Star Wars
You fell in love with Yoda once you saw him on the big screen. Who couldn’t love Yoda’s green skin, riddle laced reverse speech talk and Jedi Knight status!


2 – Steven Spielberg’s, E.T. the extraterrestrial
By far, one of the most recognizable and memorable movie aliens of all times is E.T., a friendly creature, with a fondness for plants. E.T. was equipped with a sprouting neck, glowing fingers, telekinesis, and the ability to heal organisms with a single touch. He was ugly as hell but adored by millions.


And the number 1 alien of all time is…

Monster growl please…



1 – The Greys
Known in UFO folklore and conspiracies are the grey’s, a race of spindly aliens from the Reta-Reticulia star system. The grey’s became popular after the 70s UFO contact craze that swept America. In the 90’s the Grey’s became a permanent fixture in popular culture from Whitley Strieber’s book Communion, that told the alleged real life story of continuous alien abductions. After that shows like X-files, and Dark Skies popularized the Greys even more. The Greys are still depicted in countless movies, TV shows, and cartoons to this day.



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