Monster10 presents... The 10 Dumbest Presidents!You will be Surpised who made the List!


The 10 Dumbest Presidents!


 The 10 Dumbest Presidents!


A Monster 10 Original!



Monster 10’s definition of stupid is making a decision that will have drastic consequences from years to come.  Let’s take a look at What President’s make the list.


10 – Andrew Johnson.

 “He actually came to the Inauguration of his Presidency Drunk…. !”



9 – Warren G Harding.

 “He was President during PROHIBITION which was one of the most stupid violent policies ever created by any Government.  All that death and crime to have it rescinded…. !”


8 – Jimmy Carter.

 “He created useless programs that are a social drains such as Department of Education.  In addition fuel shortages, gas lines  and the term Stagflation was coined under his watch…. !


7 – Lyndon Johnson.

 “A starch Socialist in nature…  The problem with the past and current economic climates someone has to pay for it and you run out of spending other people’s money.  The term Welfare Queen was created under his watch. !”


6 – Theodore Roosevelt.

 “Believed in Supreme Executive Power aka Dictatorship…. Had Racist beliefs and believed in Big Unions which is one of the main problems that we have now.  Unions hold companies hostage but can’t create jobs…… !”



5 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

 “Praised as the saviour of the Great Depression but created the world of entitlements which are to implode in the next 5 -10 years.  Social Security,Medicare, and a host of other social welfare programs are now funded by government making the United States a society who only functions on self needs and looking for the Government to take care of them instead of family and community…… !”


4 – George Bush.

 “He stated he would not increase taxes but he did… Fought the first war in Iraq…put the printing press in full blast for first Iraq War…. Bailed out the Savings and Loan and promised he would do financial reforms and did not…… !”


3 – George W Bush.

 “There is so many things its Amazing he did not get impeached… Bailed out G&M and the banks… Increased Medicare to the biggest it has ever been… Hurricane Katrina debacle….  Deficit spending in unbelievable proportion…. Increased the United States Debt Tremendously more than any other President before him….. Created a war without proof… His actions led to the major problems we now face…… !”


2 – Richard Nixon.

 “TRICKY Dick Nixon… He caused the world to the first time in history be totally backed by nothing more than debt…. In 1971 he took the U.S. and the world of the Gold Standard.  He also served during the creation of the Erisa Act which will cause the biggest stock market crash in 4 years …… !”

And The #1 Dumbest President of All Time is…


Monster growl please …


1 – Bill Clinton

      “ He lied about a sexual affair which was dumb almost getting himself Impeached...   He spent the Surplus of Social Security and stated he balanced the budget.. On his watch he rescinded the Glass Stiegel Act which was created to keep the banks from becoming large betting houses.  Increased taxes.. Under his watch the banks became even more powerful than they have ever been before…. !!!!!!”.




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