Monster10 presents... The 10 Ugliest Celebrity Babies and Kids!Just because your famous it doesn't mean your kids would look good!


The 10 Ugliest Celebrity Babies and Kids!



The Ten Ugliest Celebrity Babies and Kids


A Monster 10 Report!


10 – PDiddy’s Twin Girls

“All twins are not attractive……… His twins are not good looking!!!!”.



9 – Seal and Heidi Klums Two Boys

“They are some funny looking kids……… But hey you can’t expect to much their Dad is not handsome he is weird looking!!!!”.



8 – Kelly Ripa’s Daughter

“She does not have a good smile……… Maybee she can grow out of it!!!!”.



7 – Halle Berry’s Daughter

“This one is a shocker not all pretty people create attractive kids……… Maybe she can grow out of it!!!!”.


6 – Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughters

“All three of these girls are truly funny looking……… Since they are teenagers and young adults not sure if age will help!!!!”.


5 – Madonna’s Daughter

“This girl is really hairy……… What’s up with the Unibrow? Thats got to get cut!!!!”.



4 – Christina Aguilere’s  Son

“ He’s got a mug on him……… Funny looking kid!!!!”.


3 – Adam Sandlers Daughter

“That’s an interesting mug she has……… Hopefully she can grow out of it!!!!”.


2 – Clay Aiken’s son

“Now that’s a mug for a baby……… Only time will tell if anything will change!!!!”.



And the number 1 ugliest celebrity baby or kid is… 

Monster growl please…


1 – Jennifer Lopez Twin Boy and Girl

“DING DING DING!!!!  ……… These kids look straight out of an Alien movie I hope they can grow out of it they must take after their dad Mark Anthony who is a funny looking dude……!!!!!!”





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