Monster10 presents...10 Reasons Why Monster10 Has The Best Top Ten Lists Online!Find Out What Monster 10 Represents and is All About.


10 Reasons Why Monster10 Has The Best Top Ten Lists Online!

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Monster 10 was created with one goal in mind, to be the number one authority in top 10 lists!  For to long we have been plagued by political correctness and lack luster information when lists are concerned.  The name Monster is just what it is, Monster! This site has been 10 years in the making.

If you’re looking for a place where you wanted to get information that you were thinking, but dared not say, we have it.  We compiled our data from extensive surveys, professionals in the fields of finance, art, social sciences, and a host of regular people who just willingly give their opinion.

No topic is off limit. Our lists have satire and at times may be pushing the boundary of offensiveness, but know there is a little truth even in the absurd.  At Monster 10 we encourage extreme opinions and define originality.  While we cover some lists that are popular we also dive into the controversial and personal.

Grooooooar is our signature phrase and found in each report.

Monster10 is eating the competition alive!


10 reasons why Monster10 has the best top ten lists online!


10. The competition is lame...really lame!



9. Monsters are cool! Who wouldn’t like a monster with an opinion?



8. We speak the truth!



7. Our list are unlike the competitors!



6. Not all lists are created equal!



5. You can suggest your own lists.



4. Our lists are easy to share with your friends online.

3. 2 new lists are posted every day! Some days we even post more!

2. Ten heads are better than one! 10 Monsters 1 list!


And the number 1 reason that Monster10 has the best top ten lists online is…

Monster growl please…

1. We have an animated show on youtube featuring your favorite lists!



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