Monster10 presents... Top 10 Biggest Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Not Do!


Top 10 Biggest Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Not Do!


   Top 10 Biggest Plumbing Mistakes That You Should Not Do!


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 With all the Do It Yourself Shows advertise it would make you think that anyone could do just about any home improvement fix to correct challenges in your home.  However in many cases this is farfetched and could be disastrous especially in the cases of plumbing problems.  Find out in this article the 10 biggest plumbing mistakes!



10- Toilet Used As A Garbage Can!

       “This would seem self-explanatory that some things are not supposed to be flushed down the toilet.  But plumbers site each year cleaning out feminine products, contraceptives and of cost toys and other items.  This is a huge mistake the only thing that should go down your toilet is human bodily waste and toilet tissue.…………..!



 9- Not Having A Water Leak Protection System!

       “If you own a home you are going to have a leak its not if it’s when.  With the cost of water protection systems only being a couple of hundred bucks it should be a must in your budget for home protection.  Many plumbers are peeved to see such water buildups from leaks when a leak protection system could have prevented most of the water leakage..…………....…..!



8- Forgetting To Change Hoses!

       “A s a rule water hoses need to be changed every 5-6 years for washing machines and dishwashers.  This is a water leak that could be prevented according to most plumbers by just changing the hose....………….. ..…..!



7- Overloading The Garbage Disposal!

Just because it’s a garbage disposal you can put everything and anything in it.  The blades are sharp but as with anything too much of something can be destructive.  This is definitely the case of garbage disposals so watch how much food items are being disposed of at one time..... ....……..!



6- Letting Plumbing Problems Linger!

     “Money is tight in this economy but letting some plumbing problems linger only leads to a much larger bill in the future.  If at all possible try to handle plumbing problems as soon as they arise. ........…..!




5- Fiddling With The Water Heater Pressure Valve!

      “This is all to often a common problem that can be costly and in some cases dangerous if you have young children.  Typically the pressure valve is set once the water heater is installed in your home and the temperature set is usually the recommended setting.  Many people try to change this in most cases to make the water hotter this could spell disaster if you have young children as the hot water valve could be too hot.  In other cases too much fiddling causes a new water heater to have to be purchased which is costly . .…………. ..…..!



4- Outdated Water Heaters!

    “Water heaters have a life expectancy of 12-15 years at best anything more than that than you are asking for trouble.  Many plumbers insist this is a problem that can definitely be avoided.………….. ..…..!



3- Drop In Toilet Fresheners!

     “These toilet fresheners are not normally a problem but in more cases than one they are not dissolving and getting stuck in the drain and clog the toilet.  Its better just to clean your toilet regularly instead of using them just as a freshener for aesthetics and sweet smells.  .” …………..!



2- Reaching For The Drano!

       “Although advertised as a great solution for a clogged drains this is not the feeling of many plumbers.  Plumbers have stated that actually Drano used often can cause more problems than they are supposed to fix.  Many plumbers recommend baking soda and hot water first instead of Drano...………..!.



And The Number 1 Plumbing Mistake You Should Not Do Is …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Trying To Handle Major Plumbing Problems Yourself!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, Changing toilets fixing leaks in most cases should be left to the professionals unless you are extremely handy and have a ton of experience do it yourself should not be the route to take in most plumbing issues  …………..!




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