Monster10 presents...Top 10 Foods That Never Expire!


Top 10 Foods That Never Expire!


Top 10 Foods That Never Expire!
A Monster 10 Report!
When it really comes down to it food trumps currency in an economic hyper -inflation! Recent evidence shows we may be headed their globally. Find out what are the 10 Foods that never expire to avoid cannibalism!
10- Instant Coffee!
A cup of good Joe can get you through a sleepy day it also curbs appetite. This stuff lasts forever if its vacuum sealed!
 9- Pure Vanilla Extract!

If you keep it in a cool dark place this stuff can last a millennium”.……..!
8- Dried Beans!

 “If you store them in a dark pantry this food will never spoil.. ”. ”..!
7- Uncooked White Rice!
If you store in an air tight container and keep the rice in a cool dry place you can eat it forever .......”……..!
6- Spices!
If you keep spices cool and sealed in a dark place they will last a stone age.... ..……..!
5- Sugar!
“Everyone loves sugar and for good reason. If you keep sugar in an air tight container in a cool dry place its virtually un spoilable for an indefinite amount of time” .……..!
4- Hard Liquor!

Where would the world be at if we didn’t have a good drink to celebrate with? Maybe that’s a bad question but hard liquor sealed tight in a cool dark place lasts forever... .....”……..!
3- Soy Sauce!

Well if its kept in an unopened bottle you will be surprised how long this stuff could last.……..!
2- 100% Pure Maple Syrup!

 This stuff is delicious and if you put in a freezer or air tight container it lasts virtually forever .  ... .........……..!
And The Number 1 Food That Never Expires Is…………..
Monster Growl Please…………………………….
1- Spaghetti & Dried Pasta.

  “Ding, Ding, Ding, Everyone loves Spaghetti! And who does not like dried pasta? Well in a food shortage have plenty of this stuff because if you keep pasta or spaghetti in a freezer or air tight container this stuff could last another ice age. ...........……..!



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