Monster10 presents... Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship!


Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship!


     Top 10 Mistakes To Avoid In A Relationship!

 Monster 10 Report! 


If you’re in a relationship and you don’t want it to end then you must read this report.  Don’t be a victim of a breakup for not knowing the 10 mistakes.




10- Being To Clingy!

It is natural to want to be around the person especially if you have strong feelings for that individual.  However, no one wants to be smothered!  If you are in a relationship have an outside life without your significant other.  It will strengthen your relationship you will never be thought of as being too needy.” ..…………..!




 9- You Never Elevate In Your Thinking!

If you are in a relationship for close to one year and there is nothing new in your conversation than you are in trouble.  Pick up a book, read articles bring some new information to the one your dating.  This keeps your relationship fresh and growing..…………..!




8- Being Cheap!

Nobody can be in a relationship with a cheap person for too long.  Being cheap comes in all forms buying the least expensive ring that has low quality.  Short changing the waitress if he/she provides good service; or always asking your girlfriend to go Dutch.  Being cheap is a relationship mistake of epic proportions.”....…………..!




7- Taking The Other Person For Granted!

If you are in a relationship a cardinal mistake is taking the other person for granted.  Compliment the individual often let them know you appreciate them.  Especially if you know they are thinking of you by purchasing a gift or making you feel better after a challenging day.  It is only common decency, and if you forget this your relationship is doomed”..…………..!




6- Being A Home Body!

 “Staying home is okay on occasions but if you are in a relationship going out is imperative to keeping the relationship viable.  No one wants to always spend their time at home so go out often if you want to keep your relationship...…………..!




5- Not Being Spontaneous!

  “Spontaneity is the spice that keeps relationship vibrant.  Try something new and do something on the fly.  It could be anything and don’t forget to suggest spontaneous events”..…………..!




4- Letting One Person Determine Everything!   

A sure sign that your relationship is headed for disaster is allowing one person to dictate everything you do in the relationship.  If you are a male and she is planning everything you are making a huge mistake.  The chances are she is going to be attracted to an individual who takes charge.  You are in danger of getting cheated on”...…………..!





3- Slacking in Your Grooming Or Never Dressing Up!

 “ A serious mistake that many people make in a relationship is getting to comfortable in the relationship when it comes to grooming and dressing attire.  This is disastrous and the other person will begin to look elsewhere.…………..!




2- Not Keeping In Shape!

If you let yourself go then the person is going to go.  At no point in your relationship is it acceptable to get out of shape.  It is a serious mistake that is devastating to a relationship..…………..!


And The Number 1 Relationship Mistake You Can Make Is  …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-Not Enough Sex!

“DING DING DING!!! “Sex in all its aspects is vital and needed by everyone especially for men.  If you slack in this area you are making a huge mistake and your significant other will look elsewhere to get this need met.  ..…………..!





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