Monster10 presents...Top 10 Reasons President Barack Obama Is A Black Racist and Discriminates Against Black People!


Top 10 Reasons President Barack Obama Is A Black Racist and Discriminates Against Black People!


Top 10 Reasons President Barack Obama Is A Black Racist and Discriminates Against Black People!

A Monster 10 Exclusive Report! 


The United States has a black president which shows progression!  However, his actions have been described by some black people as inconsiderate and unsympathetic to African Americans financial and social plight.  This report is a must read for you to decide!            


10- President Barack Obama Never Worked A Day In His Life!

  “Contrary to belief Barack was groomed to be President his work was a community organizer.  For the black population who dominate the poverty charts their main employment vehicles is fast food, the service industry and in years past manufacturing. Barack so called working position does not fit the bill.  How can you relate an understand the needs of the population if you never worked in them?  President Barack Obama is now a millionaire setting up his children for generational wealth he never understood poverty because he never came from it and he will never will” ..…………..!




 9- He Has Shunned Real Speaking Leaders Of The Black Community!

Although unpopular, Professor Cornell West and Tavis Smiley attempt to address real issues facing the African American Community.  They stand in starch contrast to the political puppets Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.  President Barack Obama has disassociated himself with these leaders and won’t acknowledge core issues in the black communities..”..…………..!




8- His Negative And Derogatory Comment To NAACP!

It has been quoted that while giving a speech at the National Association Of Advancement For Colored People he told the population to “Just Get Over It” when questioned on his response to financial inequality, racism and other social plights facing the black community”....…………..!




7- His Abandonment From Everything He Ran His Platform On!

President Barack Obama ran on the platform of “Change”  However nothing has changed in fact it has gotten worse especially in the black community there is now a tax for anyone who does not have health insurance.  Black males are most acceptable for this tax since they have no employment and no social benefits are awarded to them.  The numbers are staggering in the black community in terms of prison rates. And finally due to social media the brutality of cops have come to light in the black community.  The situation has become dire for African Americans on the President’s watch..…………..!




6- He Gave More Power To The Banks!

 “By allowing the banks to run amuck  it has been disastrous for the American population as a whole but crippling for the African American community who remains disenfranchised.  ”..…………..!



5- Black Home Ownership Is Down! 

  “The cornerstone of the American Dream is to own a home.  This is becoming an increasingly impossible goal for the black community who is out of work and has no access to credit.  To make matters worse for the select few black Americans who able to keep their home their numbers have dropped from 46.1% to 43.3%”..…………..!



4- African American Income Is On A Death Spiral!

Under President Obama’s watch the job rate and income has been disastrous.  For those few black Americans who are at work they have seen their median income drop from 34,880.00 dollars a year to 33,321.00 dollars”...…………..!


3- Black Poverty Has Increased!

Poverty is a rampaging bull in the African American community and was dire before he was in office.  It is now worse under Barack Obama run as president.  Poverty has increased from 25.8 to 27.2% in the African American Community”..…………..!



2- Black Unemployment In D.C. Is Over 50%!

In the state the President resides in the black unemployment rate is over 50%..…………..!


And The Number 1 Reason President Obama Is A Black Racist Is…………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….

1-    1-In His Book He Stated Ronald Reagan Was His Hero!

  “DING DING DING!!! “Ronald Reagan was not a proponet of black people. Under his watch the Crack epidemic was formed and the incarceration of millions of African Americans.  Black people were socially and systematically destroyed under Ronald Reagans run as president and this is who President Barack Obama stated was his hero..…………..!






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