Monster10 presents... Top 10 Reasons Why A Million Dollars May Not Be Enough For Retirement!


Top 10 Reasons Why A Million Dollars May Not Be Enough For Retirement!


  Top 10 Reasons Why A Million Dollars May Not Be Enough For Retirement!


A Monster 10 Report!

 In the United States the largest demographic population is pledged to retire and the ones that are retired are not sure if there will be enough money for them to exist.  This begs the question is 1 million dollars US enough to retire on.  The Dollar is not what it used to be and even a million dollars may not be enough for people to live on a comfortable retirement.  Find out why in this monster 10 report! 



10- Social Security And Medicare Are Going Bankrupt!

       “A million dollars by itself can be spent in less than a decade with social security and Medicare you able to prolong the million dollars for possibly 2 to three decades which in most cases is fine.  But social security and Medicare are set to be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years which is a huge problem.…………..!



 9- Medical Costs Are Astronomical!

       “To live in your elder years with a medical condition is extremely costly a million dollars can be evaporated in less than 6 months if you get diagnosed with a life threating illness like Cancer or Altzeimers in your retirement...…………....…..!




8- You May Live to 90 Or 100!

       “With the advent of technology the life expectancy is now 90 or 100 if you retire at 65 a million dollars may not last you that length of time....………….. ..…..!



7- No Employment For Baby Boomers And Older!

What if social security is hit or the company you worked for files for bankruptcy all bets are off 1 million dollars will not be enough to sustain you on its own.  Even if you tried to return to work there is very few jobs for 50 and under let alone for 65 and over..... ....……..!



6- The Banks And Treasury Bonds Yield Less Than 2%!

     “Can A Million Dollars on a 2% interest yield bring you enough money to maintain your lifestyle?  What if you are hit with a family or medical emergency that yield will not be able to sustain you ........…..!



5- Gas And Food Prices Will Increase Drastically!

      “I know many people think with a million dollars this would be sufficient to cover these costs but this is not taking consideration that there is a shortage of farmers in the world who are pass the age of 60.  Currently very few are taking up agriculture as a cost of study and severe drought is causing farm lands to suffer.  With this and the increasing costs to find oil due to the less known deposits will increase fuel drastically.  The million dollars set aside really is not considered in most peoples mine will be used to cover a severe increase in these two necessities.…………. ..…..!



4- The Enormous Debt Obligations And The Financial Support Given To A Large Portion Of Americans!

    “There is little talk about the budget of the United States which supports over 50% of the U.S. population.  This is going to increase drastically in the next decade forcing the government to look to increase taxes on savings and anything that does not bring in jobs for people.  This is not to mention the payment of interest of Trillions Already promised to foreign nations....………….. ..…..!


3- Your Children And Your Parents Will Be Dependent On You!

     “The baby boom generation and their kids have lived through the most unprecented economic boom the American civilization has ever seen this is not the case for the current generation of children being born and the children of the baby boomers are losing their jobs.  All will be dependent on the retirees who are currently receiving entitlements currently.  Everyone cannot look for employment and not create employment which is necessary for any country to continue functioning.  .” …………..!



2- There Will Be  A Global Stock Market Crash!

       “The mass of the American population retirement income is based on the stock market and other investments in paper linked to the stock market.  Every 4-6 years there is a economic pull back the last one has been in 2008 but the situation is much worse now and when the pullback comes it will be dramatic.  Most individuals do not have 1 million dollars liquid they have it in stocks, or bonds or mutual funds which could be potentially wiped out.  You will not have enough time to recover since the most precious asset is lost which is time...………..!.



And The Number 1 Reason Why A Million Dollars May Not Be Enough For Retirement Is …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….




1-    1-The U.S. Dollar Will Not Be The Reserve Currency!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, A Million dollars is only worth a million dollars if the United States remains the world reserve currency.  Right now its backed only by good faith that the U.S. will pay or by military force. But that faith is dwindling drastically there is serious talks from other major countries China, Germany pushing to remove the dollar from its reserve status.  If that happens than all bets are off and the million dollars may be just worth half or less of what is perceived now  …………..!




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