Monster10 presents...Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know Before They Say I Do!


Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know Before They Say I Do!


Top 10 Things Every Woman Should Know Before They Say I Do!


A Monster 10 Report!

 So you found Mr Right and he proposed and you’re ready to say I do!  Before you close the deal you need to read this report!  There are 10 things every woman should know before they get married and this report covers them all!


10- What Is Your Soon To Be Husbands Religious Beliefs!

       “Many women never really pay that much attention to this but it could be a huge factor in your marriage.  What you believe essentially dictates your actions and if you are under different beliefs religion wise could cause huge problems…………..!



 9- Does He Get Along With Your Parents And Close Friends!

       “This is another factor that needs to be taken into serious consideration if you are close to your family and your soon to be husband does not get along with them it can be extremely difficult in your marriage.  This also is true if your soon to be husband does not get along with your close friends.…………....…..!



8- How Does He Handle Change!

       “Once you get married change becomes inevitable if this is not spelled out front and your soon to be husband things will stay basically the same as if you were dating than you can have some serious problems down the line.  Asking probing questions and giving scenarios will give you an insight of how he thinks...………….. ..…..!



7- How To Cook Something From Scratch!

Its an unsaid importance that men underlining expect “A HOME COOKED MEAL”  Even if you are not a cook you are going to have to attempt to learn to cook a meal.  Its an unsaid requirement or should I say request..... ....……..!



6- Can You Eat At A Restaurant Or Go To Movies Alone!

 “Before you say I do you must understand that there will be sometimes you may have to go to movies or eat at a restaurant alone.  As much as you would like to spend as much time with your new hubby there will be times when it just doesn’t permit and you have to be comfortable with it ........…..!




5- Can You Do Basic Home Improvement!

  “Believe it or not every guy is not handy.  In the information age men are more technically inclined than handy and if you want something done immediately you’re your best bet is to take a couple of classes at your local Home Depot.…………. ..…..!



4- How To Handle Your Personal Finances!

  “Finances is now one of the main contribution to divorce and if you are looking for your soon to be husband to take care of everything financially then you are headed for a train wreck.  60% of all women after the age of 65 are destitute living on government assistance.………….. ..…..!



3- What Is His Ambition Level!

   “Ladies this is pivotal! If your soon to be husband has a lack of ambition or if your ambition level is more than his in terms of finances or health than the best thing for you to do is to look for another mate.  Ambition and financial aptitude is a huge priority in the world you live in …………..!



2- Does He Want Children!

  “This is a huge concern and if you want children and he doesn’t down the line this will lead to divorce so find out now before you say I do..………..!.



And The Number 1 Thing Every Woman Should Know Before The Say I Do Is…………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-   1- He Is Not Going To Change!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, Love him as he is because he is likely to unchanged a number of things about himself.  If you are hoping to change some of his undesirable qualities you will find yourself in a loosing battle.  Change only comes from the individual not you…………..!




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