Monster10 presents...Top 10 Things That Drive Hiring Managers Crazy Killing Your Chances Of Getting Hired!


Top 10 Things That Drive Hiring Managers Crazy Killing Your Chances Of Getting Hired!


   Top 10 Things That Drive Hiring Managers Crazy Killing Your Chances Of Getting Hired!


A Monster 10 Report!

 Are you looking for employment?  Do you have an idea of what they like to see?  Well in this report you will find out the top 10 things hiring managers hate to see and in fact makes them crazy!  Find out so you don’t do it!



10- You Bring Your Parents Or A Friend!

       “This may sound unbelievable but the new millennium job candidates are not independent anymore and have a tendency to forget things that would seem self-explanatory.  You are interviewing for employment and no one else so do not bring friends or parents to the interview.…………..!



 9- Too Many Questions Based On Salary!

       “If you focus on salary as the main talking point doing your interview you will find yourself without being a candidate to be hired.  Hiring managers understand one question about salary but more than one sends a red flag to them and loses your opportunity for employment..…………....…..!



8- Multiple Phone Calls After The Interview!

       “A follow up call is to be expected by hiring managers but more than one drives the hiring managers crazy and diminishes your chances for getting employment.  You become a nuisance after one follow up call so try not to do it....………….. ..…..!



7- No Questions To  Ask The Hiring Manager!

If the hiring manager is the only one talking and you are not interjecting with questions occasionally than this is a red flag.  Hiring managers expect some questions in fact they welcome them as long as they are thought out and appropriate.  You should come prepared with questions its expected..... ....……..!



6- 2 Or More Emails After The Interview!

     “Every hiring manager expects an email after the interview but when you have 2 or more emails it becomes a nuisance and drive the hiring manager crazy.  One is sufficient  ........…..!



5- Late To The Interview!

      “In this job market this is unacceptable because so many people are in desperate need of work.  Unless some severe emergency do what’s ever in your power to get to the interview on time.…………. ..…..!



4- Not Prepared For Basic Interview Q uestions!

    “Being prepared for interview questions is a given expected by hiring managers if you are not prepared to answer them or your response to them are not accurate and concise you torpedo your chance of getting hired..………….. ..…..!



3- You Don’t Stop And Listen!

     “Over talking and not really listening is a red flag to hiring managers and they will make a determination to the negative side about you immediately.  So listen more than you talk to be sure you are hearing what the hiring manager is saying to you.  .” …………..!



2- You Are Not Dressed Properly!

       “This is a given you should be dressed professionally for an interview.  This means a suit with tie and for ladies a business dress anything less for an office interview than expect to not be hired...………..!.



And The Number 1 Thing That Drives Hiring Managers Crazy And Kills Your Chance Of Getting Hired Is …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1-You Apply To Every Position At The Company!

       “Ding, Ding, Ding, We all know the job market is tough but applying to every job sends a negative signal to hiring managers who are looking to see if you’re a right fit based on your resume.  Stick to no more than 2 positions in the company that closely resembles your qualifications anything more and you kill your chance of being hired for any job at the company  …………..!




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