Monster10 presents...Top 10 Tips For Dating Over 50!


Top 10 Tips For Dating Over 50!



   Top 10 Tips For Dating Over 50!

 Monster 10 Report ! 

Is dating still in the picture after 50?  Absolutely!  Dating is better than ever for the Boomer Generation. In this report we give you ten hot tips to make you more desirable at any age but especially over 50.





10- Have A Good Sense Of Humor!

       “Humor is a needed quality at any age.  However if you’re dating after the age of 50 it is necessary to laugh and not to take thing so seriously.  Have a sense of humor.” ..…………..!


 9- Know What You Want!

If you’re looking for love after 50 it is important to be decisive of what you want.  You can no longer guess at this point.  The person you are looking to spend time with must know your intentions. The great advantage is most individuals at this age are open and acceptable and welcome knowing up front what you want.  ..…………..!


8- Take A Class Learn Something New!

Knowledge is power and if you are constantly learning you put yourself in the winner’s circle.  In fact when it comes to dating by taking on new information whether be a class or online course your conversation will be more interesting on a date ”....…………..!


7- Take Up A Low Intense Sport!

Sports and games keep you young and active.  It keeps you heart rate up and is necessary in keeping your weight and health in check.   Find some low intense sport you can get into it would do wonders in conversation on the dating field.”..…………..!


6- Stay Active With Friends!

     “Having and spending time with friends will keep you alive.  No one wants to date anyone who does not have a social life outside of just dating that individual.  If you keep up with friends you stay relatable and you show likeability which is a great trait in dating over 50...…………..!




5- Know What You Want Long Term!

  “A long term plan is extremely important in life after the age of 50.  Time is not on your side so having a solid long term plan for what you want in a relationship is crucial.   .”..…………..!




4- Define Yourself But Be Honest!

      “At this age you know who you are and should have a strong enough self-image to be honest.  Be honest about everything you like, dislike and give off the image of who you really are not someone who you think the other person may like.”...…………..!




3- Be Patient!

      “Patience is a virtue and one of the key components of dating after 50.  The more patient you are the higher the chance you are going to fine what you’re looking for.…………..!




2- Read Dating Advice Books!

Reading dating books will give you a up hand in dating over 50.  In fact you will make yourself more desirable as you will have inside knowledge. To give yourself a winning dating profile pick up a dating book.…………..!


And The Number 1 Tip For Dating Over 50 Is  …………..



Monster Growl Please…………………………….



1-    1- Join Dating Sites!

       “DING DING DING!!! “Online dating is a key component for dating over 50.  In fact you have never had a better chance in having a prominent and fulfilling dating life than if you go online and get attached with a dating site.  There are a number of dating sites out there try the ones that have the highest rating.  ..…………..!




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